Global Ship Repair Market to 2015

Shiprepair activity improved over 2000/2001, benefiting both emerging and established facilities worldwide. However, competition remains strong, with low cost centres influencing developments in all regions. Pressures to improve profitability remain – particularly among established yards – prompting mergers, re-organisation and significant investments.

Over the near term, a weakening world economy and depressed freight rates are expected to test the resolve of shiprepair industries, intensifying competition and leading to further rationalisation. Pressure to improve maintenance standards and vessel safety is mounting, with the IMO regulations regarding the phase-out of single hull tankers set to have a profound impact on fleet developments and repair demand through to 2015.

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1.1 Introduction 1
1.2 Methodology 2

Section 2 WORLD DEVELOPMENT TO 2015 3-66
2.1 Introduction 3
2.2 Total World Merchant Fleet Developments 1981/2001 3
World Fleet Age Profile 8
Scrapping Developments 10
Vessel Sectors 10
2.3 Tanker Fleet Development to 2015 12
2.4 Bulk/Combination Carrier Fleet Development to 2001 25
2.5 Gas Carrier Fleet Development to 2015 31
2.6 Container Ship Fleet Development to 2015 38
2.7 General Cargo/Multi-Purpose Vessel Fleet Development to 2015 45

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